Printables for your ESP

WOW Eagle Scout Service Project Letter >>> Click Here

The ESP Project letter will assist you in understanding the WOW project and give you a One-Sheet to attach to your ESP packet for review of your Scouting Committee.

WOW Wood Duck Box Plans>>> Click Here

The Wood Duck Box Plans will assist you in your lay-out and materials list, as well as further your understanding of the exact methods and dimensions of the WOW box design. Additionally, we will provide you with a template box, that will help you during this project. Scouts will need to arrange to meet with WOW representative to have his Service Project Packet appropriately signed, and to collect his template box.

WOW Post Project Write-Up>>> CLICK HERE

As a part of your ESP, we would encourage you to take photo’s that would be appropriate to share of you and your team on the World Wide Web. Select 5 0r 6 of your favorite photo’s to submit and write a one page article, sharing your story of this project, spot-lighting the efforts from you and your support group. There is no exact format to these stories. This is your story to tell. Submit these photo’s and your article to us and we will proof and post them in your name on the WOW website.

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