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A Day With The Duckman

Thu ,17/11/2011

Spent a day with The Duckman at the Bear River Bird Refuge Center: Third, forth and fifth graders from Adventure Academy of Slatterville, Utah, spent the day in a workshop learning about wood ducks and their environment. Students were also provided the opportunities to build a wood duck box, even decorating the box that will later be placed into the WOW nesting program.


The WOW Program provides hands on opportunities for these youth to learn about wood ducks and their nesting habits.


After building the boxes, students then begin to creatively adorn the boxes with their thoughts and visions for their future tenants.


Sean Diepeveen ESSP #75

Sat ,29/10/2011

Sean Diepeveen celebrates completion and signing of his Eagle Scout Service Project, which marks number 75 in the WOW ESSP. Sean spoke of learning woodworking skills, people management, time management, as well as the opportunity to do something conservation minded. I found Sean’s craftsmanship and ability to complete his ESSP, achieving his goals, ranking him amount the best of the best, a character that Eagle Scouts all seem to possess. Congratulations!!!!

Sean’s enthusiasm to have his project completed is certainly shown above.

Sean’s winning smile speaks volumes about his character. Sean is also a Senior Patrol Leader for troop 956.

Sean’s story>>>

Cameron Cox ESSP #74

Tue ,20/09/2011

Cameron Cox of Kaysville, Utah has just completed his Eagle Scout Service Project. Cameron chose to make ten stands that were desperately needed for the Kingfisher pond located in the heart of Weber County’s wood duck area.

While these cement filled bases don’t look like much, they are monsters to coordinate the cement and project volunteers. Each of these bases weigh in at well over 100 pounds, the weight of which will act as a base and support for Wood duck nesting boxes. Kingfisher pond is located over a landfill recovery program, where the bed of the pond has been lined with gravel. This gravel bed has rendered the existing boxes on poles to be unstable. These cement bases will provide the perfect answer to this issue.