Utah State University

WOW And USU Wildlife Students

In 2010, TUWA began a partnership with the Utah State University student chapter of The Wildlife Society in order to garner assistance with WOW program implementation and to identify ways to conduct the program in a more science-based and effective manner. This partnership provides opportunities for students to 1) gain hands-on experience with habitat management aimed at enhancing a wildlife population (by strategically deploying boxes), 2) learn about the outdoors and wildlife ecology, 3) develop experience of working with private landowners and NGOs, 4) assist with ongoing club-directed research projects, and 5) develop and carry out research on their own scientific hypotheses. In return, WOW hopes to gain information that will help develop strategies for deploying wood duck boxes in a manner that will maximize recruitment of ducklings to fledging and population growth.


WOW Provides Students Opportunities For Hands-On-Reasearch

WOW USU Sudent Showcase Poster

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Jason Carlisle

Jason Carlisle Thesis

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Jason’s Carlisle Thesis Flier

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